Building Vision Competence

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Course Audience:

Customers facing a business need that requires introducing vision technology to their organization. Typically, such customers have no experience with in-house vision applications beyond maintenance activities. They are willing to invest in resources and materials to build up knowledge in using vision to stay competitive and offer added value to their customers. They might be integrating machine vision into equipment for resale, installing it on a new production line or in existing manufacturing equipment.

Course Goal:

Developing in-house vision expertise within 6 weeks while ensuring a successful deployment for an initial project to be maintained and enhanced by the customer afterwards. A full overview of technology, training courses, and development materials are included in this package.

Package Components and Associated Time Frames

  • Reviewing application requirements (1 day)
  • General product training course at Cognex facility for 2 people (4 days)
  • Initial discussions of software architecture (1 day)
  • Implementation (4 days)
  • Implementation help and advanced training with review of implemented code (3 days)

In this package, customers do implementation and trials on their own, assisted by phone and/or remote support on demand. This package also includes 4 development dongles valid for 12 months (if applicable).

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