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robot assisted AlignSight inspection of electronics

AlignSight Technologies

PatMax Object Location Technology

Patmax tool using the object’s plus sign shaped geometry to find object despite changes in angle, size, and shading

PatMax learns an object’s geometry using a set of boundary curves that are not tied to a pixel grid, and then looks for similar shapes in the image without relying on specific gray levels. The result is a revolutionary improvement in the ability to accurately find objects despite changes in angle, size, and shading.

Corner Finder

Markings on the corner of a tablet

Corner Finder calculates the corner position of a part using the intersection of two-part edges based on the location of a pattern or fiducial located on the part. Corner Finder is used in those cases where the corner is curved or not sharp.

Hand-Eye Calibration

Calibration markings on an image of a mobile phone

AlignSight offers two part-based hand-eye calibration methods: Automatic hand-eye calibration and manual hand-eye calibration.

Optical Distortion Calibration

Checkerboard pattern

AlignSight uses a checkerboard calibration target to correct for distortion caused by the lens and camera tilt.

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