Take the complexity out of training

In-Sight SnAPP vision sensors are trained through a web-based user interface (UI), which eliminates the need to download and install software. Using the browser of your choice, you can access the training UI from anywhere and immediately begin building your application.

The user-friendly interface guides you step-by-step through setup, from image capture to final result. Jobs can be trained using just a few sample images and embedded AI takes care of the rest, learning to recognize anomalies and correctly predict the output.


Access user training materials

Learn about your In-Sight SnAPP with how-to videos on installing your device, setting up an application, updating firmware, connecting to a PLC, and more.

Get started

Setting up your In-Sight SnAPP Sensor

Pre-setup: Find the device

Locate your device using the Cognex Device Discovery Utility.

Step 1: Open device and access the home screen

Manage settings and switch between available applications.

Step 2: Adjust image

Define the acquisition area.

Step 3: Set the region of interest

Move and size the bounding box to the area within the image you would like to inspect.*

Step 4: Train

Label images as OK or NG (approximately 3-5 for each class). Add new, unlabeled images and verify results based on the confidence indicator.

Step 5: Finalize

Select trigger mode settings. Choose from either self (sensor triggers itself based on the acquisition rate) or single (sensor is triggered externally).

Post-setup: Enter monitoring view

Switch to the monitoring screen and view the results live.

*Note: If your part location is not stable, you may enable fixturing. Fixturing is a method that follows a part in the field of view and moves the vision tools to the correct location to perform the inspection.


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