DataMan 474 DataMan 475
Algorithms and Technologies 1DMax, 2DMax, Hotbars, PowerGrid
Image Sensor 1/1.8″ CMOS 2/3″ CMOS
Image Sensor Properties Diagonal 8.9 mm; 3.45 µm square pixels Diagonal 11.1 mm; 3.45 µm square pixels
Image Sensor Resolution 2048 x 1536 2448 x 2048
Electronic Shutter Speed Min. exposure: 15 µs
Max. exposure: 1000 µs with internal illumination/10000 µs with external illumination
Max Acquisition Up to 80 Hz Up to 55 Hz
Lens Options Liquid lens 8 mm, 10 mm, 16 mm, 24 mm, 35 mm; C-mount 12 mm, 16 mm, 25 mm, 35 mm, 40 mm
Trigger and Tune Buttons Yes; Quick Setup Intelligent Tuning
Aimer Optional
Discrete Inputs 2 fixed + (*) opto-isolated
Discrete Outputs 2 fixed + (*) opto-isolated
*Other I/O Points 2 user-configurable
Status Outputs Beeper, 5 multifunctional LEDs, 10 LED bar array, 360 degree indicator
Lighting Integrated LEDs, red, blue, or IR; diffuse, polarized, high powered integrated light (HPIL), high powered integrated torch (HPIT), various controllable external light options Integrated LEDs, red, blue or IR; diffuse, polarized, high powered integrated torch (HPIT), various controllable external light options
Communications Ethernet and Serial
Protocols RS-232, TCP/IP, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP(TM), SLMP, Modbus TCP, NTP, SFTP, FTP, MRS
Java Scripting enabled for custom protocols
Power 24 VDC ±10%
Power Consumption 24 VDC ±10%, 1.5 A maximum (HPIL/HPIT1)
24 VDC, 250 mA maximum (reader)
Supplied by LPS or NEC class 2 only
Weight 373 g
Dimensions 126.8 mm (L) x 60.5 mm (W) x 77.1 mm (H)
Operating Temperature 0–57 °C (32–134.6 °F)2
Storage Temperature -20–80 °C (-4–176 °F)
Operating and Storage Humidity < 95% non-condensing
Protection IP67 with cables and appropriate lens cover attached
RoHS Certified Yes
Approvals (CE, UL, FCC) Yes

1 HPIL denotes one of the DM360-HPIL-RE, DM360-HPIL-RE-P, DMLT-HPIL-RE or DMLT-HPIL-RE-P accessories. HPIT denotes one of the DMLT-HPIT-RE-W, DMLT-HPIT-RE-S, DMLT-HPIT-RE-N, DMLT-HPIT-WHI-W, DMLT-HPIT-WHI-S, DMLT-HPIT-WHI-N accessories.

2 In situations where the operating temperature exceeds 40 °C, an external heat sink is required.



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