Why Electronics OEMs are Choosing Cognex

OLED and LCD display manufacturers must confront unprecedented challenges: How to meet micron-level accuracy demands? How to reduce downtime and machine assists? With very short product lifecycles, high quality standards, and huge labor and equipment investments, electronics original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and machine builders are adopting Cognex vision technology for their most challenging automation applications. Machine vision technology is a critical element in high-precision OLED/LCD display module manufacturing. With its robust machine vision systems, barcode readers, vision-guided robotics (VGR), and multi-camera alignment solutions, Cognex offers OEMs and machine builders the power and flexibility to meet their strict quality and production standards.

In particular, display manufacturers and their equipment suppliers depend on Cognex technology for high-accuracy alignment, gauging, and machine tending, key elements of the pre-alignment, lamination, bonding, screen printing, and cover glass assembly processes.


OLED Gauging:

Cognex provides gauging tools for CPK measurement with both its In-Sight vision systems and AlignPlus solutions. In-Sight systems and AlignPlus gauge the alignment accuracy of parts based on specific features that do not have to be in the camera’s field of view. These capabilities support 100% in-line CPK measurement, helping OEMs catch errors before they spread and eliminating the need for separate off-line inspection stations.

Golden Pose Alignment

Golden Pose Alignment:

Cognex offers electronic hardware and OLED display manufacturers golden pose alignment capabilities--essential for cover glass screen printing and pre-alignment--with its high-precision, multi-camera solution, AlignPlus. AlignPlus aligns components to a pre-trained golden pose by acquiring robust feature locations from single or multiple cameras with tools such as PatMax and LineMax, which are then combined with Auto-Calibration technology. Results are then translated to calibrated motion coordinates for micron-level accuracy golden pose alignment.

Relative Pose Alignment

Relative Pose Alignment:

Cognex AlignPlus can also align two components relative to each other (a process know as relative pose alignment) using AlignPlus’s unified multi-camera motion stages. This is critical during OLED front-end panel production, lamination, bonding, and cover glass assembly. Like with golden pose alignment, AlignPlus uses PatMax and LineMax tools to acquire robust feature locations and combine them with Auto-Calibration technology, then translates them to calibrated motion coordinates for micron-level accuracy relative pose alignment.

Machine Tending with VGR

Machine Tending with Vision-Guided Robotics:

Vision-guided robotics handle complex alignment for standalone machine tending during panel production and lamination. Cognex solves machine tending challenges for OLED display manufacturing with vision-guided robotics (VGR)—a unique single-camera guidance solution with automatic hand-eye calibration. VGR extracts feature locations for both parts and test nests, then combines the feature location with Cognex Auto Calibration, to accurately load and unload parts.

To find out why electronic hardware and display OEMs use Cognex products to take their equipment performance to the next level, download our free guide, Electronics Industry Solutions for OEMs and Machine Builders.

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