The Power of Machine Vision for Industrial Applications

machine vision systems inspecting brake pads, detergent bottles, canned food, and guiding robot

Thousands of companies across the globe produce and transport millions of products each day. Most companies wouldn’t be able to keep up without machine vision to help guide, inspect, gauge, and identify their products. That’s where Cognex comes in.

Cognex vision sensors, 2D and 3D vision systems, and software help optimize quality, minimize waste, and maximize throughput. Our industry-leading solutions solve simple to highly complex applications, like picking and sorting packages, verifying fill levels on soda bottles, measuring the placement of components on circuit boards, and reading characters embossed on auto parts. And, they’re all powered by advanced algorithms and robust software tools for object location, image formation, 3D vision, code reading, and deep learning.

Cognex vision systems are built with the manufacturers of today, and tomorrow, in mind. Rugged housing help deliver top performance, even in harsh industrial environments. Modularity offers field-customizable solutions for your specific applications. And intuitive software enables fast and easy setup and deployment.

With industry-leading technology and world-class application support, you can rely on Cognex machine vision solutions to help you increase throughput, improve product quality, and optimize traceability. To learn more, watch the video.

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