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OEMs, integrators, and manufacturers across the world rely on Cognex machine vision software for powerful 2D, 3D, and deep learning vision performance. At the heart of any successful vision application is a high-speed, optimized tool set. Cognex offers the industry’s leading vision software with a robust tool library, no matter what camera or frame grabber you use. Virtually all factory automation and logistics applications benefit from Cognex’s broad-based, industrial-grade tool set, which spans all vision needs from geometric object location and inspection to identification and measurement.

With Cognex, users get the holy grail of features:

  • Proven, reliable vision tools
  • Fast and flexible application development
  • Total hardware independence

Combined with flexible and powerful PC-based development environments, Cognex vision software makes it faster than ever to create and deploy solutions for the most challenging machine vision applications. In addition to a programmatic interface, VisionPro and Cognex Designer offer an easy-to-use graphical interface to develop even the highest speed applications, all on the camera of your choice. And with Cognex Deep Learning, customers now have a combination of the best traditional and new deep learning vision libraries.

Find out how to get the power and flexibility you need, on your terms, by downloading the Cognex Vision Software Product Guide.

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