The Advantages Vision Sensors Have Over Photoelectrics

Why would you choose to deploy vision sensors over photoelectrics for inspection and defect detection jobs?

Photoelectrics have been around factory automation for years. They’re affordable, easy to understand, and typically very easy to deploy. However, for many inspection and defect detection applications they are not the greatest solution. They are easily fooled, can require a lot of maintenance and they typically require costly mechanical fixturing to insure that the objects being inspected are being accurately presented.

Vision sensors, more specifically Checker Vision Sensors have an advantage because they analyze an entire image of your entire part and are able to both detect and inspect your part from a single view. Part detection ensures you are always inspecting your parts in the right location and has the added benefit of eliminating the need for mechanical fixturing. Once detected you can inspect for the presence of multiple part features, even features that you simply can’t detect with traditional photo eyes such as printed text.

Checker 4G has everything you need to deploy on your line. It has built-in lighting, optics and i/o all contained in a compact, industrial IP67-rated enclosure.

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