Machine Vision Measurement Tools Overcome Major Challenges on Production Lines

Bangze Equipment, a Cognex machine vision customer in China uses an In-Sight® vision system to inspect the distance between bi-metal plates in the heat controllers they produce. Calling the environment in which this inspection occurs harsh would be an understatement. At temperature of around 300°C (572°F), the In-Sight vision system inspects short circuit distances of only 1mm to ensure that the heat controllers will function properly. In addition to the high temperatures, the insulated camera needs to operate in a very tight space on the production line and the form factor of the In-Sight vision system meets Bangze’s Equipment space requirements.

This vision system, featuring In-Sight Explorer software, locates the remote measurement location and uses the edge tool to find the bi-metal plate edges. Then a measurement tool is used to measure the direct distance between the two lines.

Bangze Equipment requires that after the system receives the inspection signal, In-Sight must make 10 heat protection measurements at a precision of ±0.04mm within four seconds. The In-Sight vision system only requires 10 milliseconds to send a signal, allowing Bangze Equipment to operate in ideal production manufacturing conditions.

I thought this would be a good story for any of you looking for speed and accuracy under challenging conditions. Let us know if you have any questions.

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