What Intelligent Tuning Is and Why You Want It

We’ve talked a lot about the new intelligent tuning feature integrated into our new DataMan 300 barcode reader… so what is it and why do you want it?

Intelligent tuning is a great new feature that automatically adjusts the settings of the integrated lights to find the optimal light setup for the part. It’s incredibly easy to use and will get your job up and running quickly! Simply put your part under the reader, press a button, and DataMan 300 runs an automatic test that determines which combination of lights in the eight independent light banks is the optimal lighting exposure for your part. DataMan 300 does this by testing every different combination of light settings on the reader to find the widest range of exposure from light to dark so it can ensure the reader can handle the part and marking variances that are guaranteed to be seen in the real world.

For those people who like data (and who doesn’t?), DataMan 300 provides the results from the test in a tuning graph which shows on the Y-axis the confidence score about how good and reliable the read is and on the X-axis shows the exposure from light to dark. So as you look at the graph you can see how confident the reader is over the wide range.

DataMan 300 also provides you a list top three settings for lighting that you can choose from so you can have options. And you can also modify the settings at any time based on your knowledge of what your parts are like in the real world.

Overall, it’s a fantastic new feature that makes setup fast and easy.

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