New Field-of-View Expansion Technology Introducing Xpand

We’ve heard the same message from our logistics customers repeatedly. They want to increase productivity and reduce labor cost and are looking for solutions to accomplish these goals. One way Cognex barcode readers help customers achieve these goals is by providing read rates that reach 99.9% or greater... rates that laser scanners have a hard time achieving. Increased read rates means that a smaller number of packages need to be handled manually and fewer workers are required for relabeling or rerouting rejects.

Another way we’re helping logistics customers to reduce costs is by continuously investing in R&D for our products. Our newest innovation is Xpand. When Xpand is used, the field of view of a single DataMan 300 can be increased by more than 50%. This means that applications to be solved using fewer readers, which reduces installation time, setup duration and overall cost. Xpand also significantly expands the applications where image-based barcode readers can be used by allowing a single unit to see more of the belt.

Xpand for the DataMan 300 reader is available now. Watch for continued innovations in logistics from Cognex!

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