Four Considerations for Barcode Reader Evaluation for Multiple Code Reading Applications

As I said in my last post, there are four things to consider when looking for a barcode reader to take on the multiple code reading challenge. You need one that: can 1) read any barcode or set of codes, every time; 2) easy to setup; can 3) control the data output; and is 4) simple to integrate into your processes. Let’s look at number one.

1. Code reading algorithms

Multiple code reading application success must start with solid foundations in code reading technology. Your reader must have the best algorithms to attain the highest read rates. This means that your reader should achieve a high percentage of successful code reads per attempt, with minimal no-reads. With image-based ID reader technology, you can look for a barcode reader to provide higher than 99% read rates.

The latest generation of 1DMax+™ and 2DMax+™ algorithms from Cognex, for example, set a new standard in terms of giving you the highest read rates of the most challenging codes. When the 1DMax+ algorithm is paired with Hotbars™ image analysis technology, 1-D barcode signals are extracted faster and more reliably for more decodes per second in a wider field of view.

Look for my next post about easily setting up one or more readers for multiple code reading applications.

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