2-D Barcode Readers Must Have Imager Technology

Many industries are making the transition to 2-D code symbologies such as Data Matrix, QR and Micro QR codes. 2-D codes contain high data density to help with product traceability throughout the manufacturing process and the supply chain.

For example, a Data Matrix code can contain up to 2,335 alphanumerical or 3,116 numerical characters in a single code and supports 24 square and 6 rectangular formats, so it’s possible to apply them to almost every surface.

Often, 2-D codes are used in conjunction with 1-D barcodes in the production process. However, laser scanners cannot read 2-D matrix symbologies. In contrast, only image-based 2-D barcode readers can reliably read 2-D codes as well as 1-D barcodes. In fact, image-based 2-D barcode readers are often designed to read the most difficult-to-read 2-D codes that are directly marked onto the part (also known as direct part mark or DPM). Such codes are marked onto the part using laser or chemical etching or dot peening creating a permanent DPM.

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